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  • Travel Tips
    Interrailing: The Best Way to Experience Europe for the Indecisive

             Image Author Europe. It’s a bloody big place, right? Choosing where to go – especially if it’s your first time –...

  • Asia
    Beguiling Bali

    I’ve got the bug. You know the one I’m talking about – the Bali bug. It’s the type of bug that...

  • Europe
    The Hidden Gems of Paris

    Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, and with good reason. The city is home to...

  • Europe
    My Bucketlist: Trolltunga

    It was sat at my desk conjuring up an imaginary bucket list entitled ‘Crazy Ways to Let Your Hair Down’ at work that I...

  • Europe
    48 Hours in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is a city steeped in history. Just look around you. Cobbled streets, architecture older than the oldest of whiskies and historic...

  • Austria
    Austria: A World of Adventure

    You’re not to blame if any connotations you have of Austria relate back to your dear old nan who “went there...

  • Austria
    See Austria, See Seefeld

    Ten months ago, a friend of mine told me how years ago he had completed the Annapurna trek in Nepal. It’s a mountainous...

  • Australasia
    Spring Down Under

    In September 2015, I embarked on a two-week holiday with some friends. Our itinerary saw us spend three nights on the...

  • Europe
    Not Expensive in the North: Saving in Iceland

    Many far-flung countries in the north of Europe seem to have gained a reputation for being expensive in recent years, and...