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  • Asia
    10 Different Sides to Korea

    South Korea is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country. It’s a place where -20 degree winters meet scorching 35 degree summers,...

  • Asia
    Taking on Hong Kong Solo

    When presented with the somewhat catastrophic fact that I had just one week’s holiday remaining last year, I began to panic....

  • Asia
    Climbing Kinabulu

    To this day I question what part of my brain thought that climbing  Kinabulu would be a good idea. I must...

  • Asia
    Twelve Tips for Solo Travel in Hong Kong

    Solo travel is awesome. Not convinced? I think it’s a real luxury in life to be able to stop and take in a...

  • Thailand
    The Nightlife of Phuket

    When you make up your mind to go backpacking, it’s first a realisation that you want to travel, and do so...

  • Asia
    One Year of Waygookin’ in Korea

    Well, this is a blog that I should have written some time ago as we have been living in Korea a year...

  • Asia
    5 Ways to Beat the Rain in Krabi

    So you’ve flown half way around the world expecting to bathe yourself in oil and crisp up in the heat of...

  • Asia
    Malapascua Island: A Paradise on Earth

    The Philippines is comprised of thousands of islands dotted sporadically throughout the Western Pacific.  With a somewhat far-flung, isolated location under...