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Is Travel Ever Dull?

Travel should be synonymous with excitement, counting the days before you discover a new country, diving headfirst into the unavoidable cultural shock with glee, while learning a handful of new words that roll awkwardly on your tongue. In many ways, travelling brings you back to your early childhood, where every step was a brand new discovery. However, there will be a time for some of you where travel gains a bitter aftertaste. It’s not that it becomes unpleasant, it just isn’t new anymore, and, as a result, it starts feeling a little dull. Why does it feel that way? More often than not, your travel choices might be at the heart of the problem. Perhaps you’ve been visiting the same area repeatedly, or you’ve chosen tourist resorts that isolate you from the local culture? Nevertheless, there are a few tips to revive your wanderlust and get your excitement back. 

Surprise yourself by visiting somewhere new

Most people have only a handful of places on their bucket list. It’s fair to say that once you’ve ticked them off the list, you might find yourself at a loss for new ideas. Fear not! Once you’ve seen the most obvious places, it’s time for you to visit some of the less typical areas, such as the Andaman Islands. A little paradise of wildlife that has banned commercial fishing, the archipelago sits in the Bay of Bengal; the perfect retreat after a trip to Thailand! If you want to stay local, give Liverpool, the birth town of our beloved Beatles, a go. The city has seen a huge regeneration and, you’ll love the constant references to the Fab Four, from Penny Lane to the Cavern. 

Why don’t you meet fellow travellers who share your passion?

The problem with travelling is that you sometimes feel that the experience is too much to take alone. Sharing the sights and the culture is, by far, the best part of your travel journey. But sharing it with like-minded travellers can be tricky! Did you know, however, that you can join a wanderers group – see more here – and meet up through a bespoke journey? Indeed, this savvy community knows that there is so much more to travel than the experience itself. Travelling is all about writing your own stories and finding someone eager to read them. 

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Make it meaningful with volunteering

The more you see the world, the more you want to make it a better place. As a traveller, you’ve got the opportunity to embark on a selfless journey of volunteering that gets you at the heart of the local culture. Sure, there will be no luxury hotel, but you’ll find your joy in the knowledge that you are making a difference. 

Watch someone else discover your world

We all know someone who isn’t as travel-savvy as us. Whether they haven’t left the UK or they’re nervous about visiting new countries, you could seize the opportunity to plan a tour for the two of you. Take them to discover your favourite places in the world and watch as the travel bug bites! 

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Travel can get as dull as you make it. Ultimately, it’s up to you to bring a sense of excitement, and to disturb your travelling routine. From joining a savvy travel community to exploring lesser-known locations, you can start building your journey back to travel joy! 

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