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The Big Camping Trip Essentials

Whether it’s your first time camping or your one-hundred-and-first time camping, there’s a lot to consider before a big trip and it’s easy to overlook an essential component. If you forget something vital, such as your lucky water flask, then it can ruin your overall enjoyment of the trip. With that in mind, here are the essential things to consider before a big camping trip so that you have a fantastic time on your next great adventure.

The kind of tent you need

Obviously, you weren’t going to forget your tent (that would be embarrassing), but you need to consider the type of trip you’re taking. Is your tent durable? More importantly, is your tent well-suited to the location of your camping trip and the type of weather you’ll experience? You need to consider all of these factors when it comes to the tent you bring on your trip. Some tents might be spacious but not particularly waterproof, for example. Make sure you get a bottle of sealant and spray your entire tent to ensure that the rain is kept out during your camping trip. Nothing ruins camping like a soaking wet sleeping bag (and any other possessions left in your tent, for that matter).

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The things you’ll carry in your backpack

Unless you’re taking a very brief camping trip, you’re probably going to bring more things than you can carry in your backpack. After all, you might want to explore the local area whilst you’re there; if you’re camping in the middle of nature then you’ll want to plan day trips that allow you to truly take in your surroundings. But you need to think carefully about the things you’ll carry in your backpack. Overstuffing it will slow you down and ruin the trip for you and everyone else. Be smart. Pack the essentials and leave excess things in your tent or your car. Pack food in case you’re out longer than you imagined, a flashlight in case it gets dark, and a first aid kit in case anyone gets hurt. You should do some more research on the urban survival gear that’s necessary to keep on your person in the event of an emergency. It’s important to be prepared when camping so that the trip goes smoothly.

The food you need

Last but not least, think about the food you need. Obviously, this is one of the most essential things to consider before a big camping trip. Maybe you’re planning to drive out to a local pub for your meals, or maybe there’s some sort of dining establishment at the campsite. Regardless, you need to bring some grub with you. As mentioned briefly in the previous point, it’s always a good idea to have food on your person in case you’re exploring for longer than you imagined. In terms of the type of food you need, non-perishables are always good options. Pasta and bread, for example, are great examples. You might want to bring some tinned food too.

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