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Basic Camping Hacks

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Heading out on a camping trip can help you to learn a lot about the kind of person you really are. You’ll have your patience and your wits tested when you have to make a camp, build a fire, and cook with the most basic of resources available to you. You’ll push yourself and find out what you’re really capable of, and if you’re lucky, you’ll head home with a pocket full of camping survival tips that will make living outdoors a great joy. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going camping forearmed with a handful of camping survival tips that others have discovered for you – so here are some of the best:

The Beer Can Stove

Click here to find out how you can make a beer can stove, which is much lighter to carry than a proper camping stove. This will enable you to keep your load light without having to go without the essentials that make camping much more enjoyable/bearable, depending how you look at it.

Pack Your Shower Curtain

At a pinch, an old shower curtain can be placed on the ground underneath your tent or shelter to keep the ground below you dry. You can easily dispose of it once you’re done, and it will be cheaper than buying a proper ground tarp if you’re only an occasional camper.

Make Your Tent Waterproof

If you want to ensure that your tent is completely waterproof, even when conditions get very wet indeed, pick up a bottle of sealant, then simply spray every inch of your shelter to keep the rain out.

Adventure Tent | Backpacking with Bacon | Solo Travel Blog

Keep the Ticks at Bay

When you’re out in the wilderness, you put yourself at a very real risk of being bitten by ticks. This could cause nothing more than a minor irritation, or it could lead to a serious illness such as Lyme Disease. Luckily, there’s a very easy way to keep those nasty ticks at bay – simply mix 16 ounces of water with 40 drops of pure tea tree oil and spray it anywhere you could get bitten.

Coffee to Go

Just because you’re camping, that doesn’t mean you have to go without the little pleasures in life, like coffee. In fact, a cup of coffee in the morning can be essential when you want to conquer the wilderness on a long trek, so why not make your own travel coffee packets? Simply roll up some coffee grounds in a filter and tie with string (or dental floss). You can then pop them into boiling water for an instant pick-me-up.

Coffee Camping | Backpacking with Bacon | Solo Travel Blog

Build Your Own Shelter

If, for some reason, your tent fails and you find yourself out in the sticks with no shelter, you need not panic. Click here to learn more about shelters and how you can make them from things that you will commonly come across when out in the woods. Having this information in your head could save your life.

Keep Your Food Fresh

If you’re camping for an extended period, it can be difficult to keep food fresh, unless, you freeze water into a jug shape. It will last much longer than ice cubes, ensure you have a large supply of water and keep your supplies fresh for a longer period of time.

What are your tips for surviving camping trips and having a great time?


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